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A Week Vacation In Cozumel

A Week Vacation In Cozumel

Our travel group took a week vacation in Cozumel, Mexico.  We went mid-February to get away from the Pennsylvania cold.  Our usual winter break has been in Riviera Maya but we decided to try something new this year.  We stayed at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel because of all the great reviews listed on TripAdvisor.  All I can say is that it must have been the first and only all-inclusive resort the reviewers have visited.  There were some good points and many bad.  To start, we requested 7 rooms located in close proximity to each other.  The reservations were made 6-7 months ahead with the request.  Upon arrival, the front desks informs us that they cannot satisfy our request and the group was scattered all over the resort.  At 4 pm half our rooms were ready and the others needed to wait in the lobby to have their rooms assigned.  As we waited, they tried to sign us up for a timeshare tour.  I found this very aggravating, especially after traveling since 4:30 am.  Nowhere did it say that we would be approached for a timeshare presentation in order to get the resort credits that Apple Vacation promised.  All I wanted to do is get out of my winter clothes, put shorts and a tank top on, have a pina colada but instead I was stuck waiting for my room to be assigned and cornered by a salesperson.  I was hot, tired, hungry, and thirsty.  Needless to say, my bitchiness surfaced.  We finally get our room and we walk in to the smallest two bed room.  Our room had no balcony or patio in comparison to most the other rooms.  The walkway to the beach passed by two sides of our room with windows.  The curtains looked like they had gotten caught in the middle of a cat fight.  A couple of days later I find out that one of the other rooms the group had was also suffering from cat-fight curtains.  The lighting was dim in the room.  I don’t know about you, but I like to have the option to see in the room with the lights are on.  I sat on the edge of one of the beds only to have it collapse with a huge bang.  I had to laugh.  I called the front desk to report the broken bed.  They apologized and sent someone to fix it.  I showered under a trickle of water from the shower head, changed and went out to eat, order a drink and check out the beach.

The bars only had one person working at a time so there was always a wait time.  They have no one to walk around and take orders or bring you drinks by the pool, beach, or anywhere like other resorts do.  The food that day was so-so.  The quesadillas were good but cold and the pasta that a couple of the ladies ordered were way under-cooked.   The drinks tasted good but premium liquor was not available anywhere on the resort and most of it was real watered down.  My walk on the beach discovered that you can’t walk in the water anywhere without water shoes because it is all very rocky. Back in the room we discovered that they fixed the bed and left a small chocolate birthday cake and bottle of wine in the room.  This made the dim room a little brighter. The next morning as I’m brushing my teeth, the vanity counter seemed to be moving in waves.  As I take a closer look, I realize they were little tiny bugs the same color of the counter.  Augh!  I picked up the phone making my astonishment well know.  This is the room I get for bringing a group of eleven travelers? They moved us to a one bed room by the pool on the second floor.  Now this was more like it!  The room was fantastic.  The lighting was great, there was a separate living space with a dining table for two, a couch, coffee table, a mock kitchen with coffee maker, small refrigerator, and a sink.  The porch wrapped around the unit and included a whirlpool privately hidden from view.  The water pressure in the shower was great and so was the temperature of the water. The room overlooked the pool and a view of the ocean.  I was very pleased.  In the meantime, one of the travelers sprayed the room for bugs when she felt uncomfortable sleeping with a crowd of gnats in the room.  One of her beds made noise but she was accommodating and slept on the other bed in the room.  She finally called the front desk when the light fixture fell out as she closed the bathroom door.  She was also grateful on the third day when the water in the shower was finally the right temperature and not freezing cold or scalding.  One of the other travelers also requested a room change because the remote for the air conditioner nor the television worked in their room.  We all seemed to have settled in by the third day there.  There were four restaurants on the resort.  Portofino had buffet available for breakfast and lunch.  The food choices were limited and almost always the same from day to day. When a tray emptied out it took forever for them to refill it and sometimes it was just left empty.  You could order dinner there.  Choices were limited and the same every day.  DaMario served the choiceDiMario of 4-5 personal pizzas and 4-5 choices of pasta for lunch and dinner.  The food there was always good.  El Patio served what they referred to as authentic Mexican cuisine.  It was nothing like the authentic Mexican food I’ve ever had.  I only ate there once because I wasn’t impressed at all.  Seaside Grill was a snack bar during the day.  The quesadillas, chip and salsa were good.  I didn’t have the hot dog or hamburger but I know the pasta was not good at all.  At dinner-time they became a steak and seafood restaurant.  I ordered the Argentine Sausage for appetizer, a Cesar side salad, and steak for dinner.  It was all very good.  While in Cozumel I signed up for two activities/tours which I really recommend.  The first was the Island & Off Road Explora Caribe.  You have a guide that leads the way and you get to

choose between a dune buggy or Jeep Wrangler for driving.  It’s a whole day tour and includes visits to Punta Sure which included a stop and climb of the Celerain Lighthouse, a stop at the crocodile lagoon (we didn’t see any), then to Pelican Beach for snorkeling, lunch and free time.  We then drove along the Carretera Costera Oriental which follows the coastline.  My eyes were in heaven along this drive.  The beaches on the western side of the island are just amazing.  I have never seen such beautiful shades of blue in the water.  It was quite an eye orgasm.  I wanted to stay there forever.  I would recommend visiting this area and stopping at Coconuts for food and drinks.  There is a bike path that follows the coast.   Many rent scooters to drive there.  There was also a camping area on the beach.  Our next stop was San Gervasio Mayan Ruins.  The tour was short and sweet but full of information.  Our last stop was the Tequilera where we were educated on the making of tequila, pure organic tequila versus commercialized tequila. Then for the part that we all looked forward to all day, Tequila Tasting!  We got to taste six different tequilas that are produced by this family.  I am not a tequila fan but these were so smooth that I changed my mind about tequila.  The downside of the entire tour?  The dune buggies are held together by crazy glue.  There was no horn, speedometer, RPM gauge, or any other extras that don’t seem to be needed in Mexico.  One of our buggies broke down after the first stop we made so three people had to pile into the other vehicles until another buggy was brought to us.  The guide, Memo, started off with a bang but seemed to tire towards the afternoon and got a little bitchy.  All in all, I would do it again.  It was a great day.  The second activity was the Pirate Ship in town.  They take you out and sail around during sunset giving a great show which involves the audience, dinner, and open bar.  The entertainment kept us laughing for hours and the food was incredible!  Bottom line: I will not go back to the Sunscape Sabor Cozumel, I would do the dune buggy tour and the Pirate Ship again and next time I would spend some time on the south-west beaches.

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YK • February 18, 2017

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