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Small Group Tours

Two of our favorite small group travel companies are Intrepid Travel and G Adventure. They have perfected giving you the most amazing adventure. You will not only visit these places, but you will get up close and personal with the cultures. Traveling in small groups enhances your travel experience by building a camaraderie. Many lifetime friends are born from these small groups. Even if you’re a solo traveler, you don’t need to travel alone. You’ll be free to have your own room if desired and to do want you feel like. G Adventure and Intrepid Travel offer you the structure and direction when you feel like going with the flow and share the experience with others in the group. Face it, sometimes selfies only get old.  G Adventure and Intrepid Travel offer a huge trip roster of handpicked itineraries.  Let us put together the perfect tour for your needs making sure to cover every little detail.  Contact Traveling Flip Flops for customized and personalized services.

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YK • May 22, 2016

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