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Playacar, Mexico

Playarcar, Mexico

Members of the travel group whom I would be traveling with to Playacar, Mexico next month meet for a Mexican lunch prior to the trip.  This would be my first group travel experience.

We arrive at the Hotel Riu Playacar.  The Resort is located in the private community of Playacar.  Playacar is a quaint gated community with shops, cafes, private residences and many resorts.  The sidewalks are always busy with tourists from all over the world walking around enjoying the weather.

Our first sight of the ocean once we checked in.  It’s amazing how stress and worries instantly escape you as soon as your eyes and all other senses feast on the ocean.

Hotel Riu Playacar has two fresh water pools and a swim up bar.  The resort is located about a 15 minute walk to Playa Del Carmen for some great shopping, restaurants, nightly entertainment.  If you prefer to stay local for some dancing,  La Pinata Nightclub is located in it’s sister resort Riu Tequila right across the road.

You’ll find plenty of activities including volleyball, bocce, tennis, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, catamarans, and more.

The food was amazing.  The resort has an Italian, Asian, Mexican and Steakhouse restaurants in addition to the Buffets which changed cuisines twice a week.  The food was always fresh and displayed beautifully.  My favorite items were the gnocci, fresh salads and pico de gallo.

We were there in June.  We had rain 2 days out of the 7 that we were there.  When it rains it pours!

Although it was pouring, the weather was still warm.  We through on cheap rain ponchos and pranced under the rain all the way to Playa del Carmen where we found a great little bar.  After a couple of drinks, those swings become a roller coaster ride and the rain didn’t feel wet anymore.

Felt at home at Haagen Dazs and Starbucks in Playa del Carmen.

Past by some amazing vegetation on our mile walk to and from Playa del Carmen.

We adopted this little Acouti as our pet during our stay.  We named him Coco.  We hand fed it pistachios which it really liked but found out from our neighbors that he liked just about anything that was edible.

Common wildlife seen throughout the resort grounds.  These guys can be quite large but will not bother you.  They come out for the sun.  They’re used to being around people.  Just remember they are wild animals so just give them their space and they’ll give you yours.

This little guy is a Coutimundi.  They were more nocturnal which kind of made it freaky when they all started coming out at night.  Once an outdoor area cleared out after closing, these little guys came out by herds and swarmed the patio making my sister jump up on top of a table.  That is until she saw them climbing up on the tables without any hesitations.  They were harmless and come out to see if the cleaning crew might have missed any crumbs, not.

Several members of the group went to visit the ruins in Tulum, snorkeling, and a couple even swam with rays and sharks.


Shops at Playa del Carmen stays open until 11 pm

Overall our stay was pleasant.  Hotel Riu Playacar has three pools, four bars, four restaurants,a full spa, a nightclub at the sister hotel Riu Tequila located right across the street.  You are also able to enjoy the facilities at the other four Riu hotels located nearby. The activities they offer are windsurfing, snorkeling and kayaking.  The rooms are stocked with sodas, beer, tequila and vodka.  Each room had a balcony or porch and safe.  They also had whirlpool tubs and large tiled rain showers.  All that being said, our rooms were muggy and smelled like mold.  One night, I called the front desk because my room smelled natural gas one.  The maintenance men came and although they could smell it, they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  They assured us that it was not gas and not to worry.  We left the window open that night just in case. If you turned the AC down to a comfortable temperature, then the entire room would sweat and the water would drip down the walls and pool on the tile floors making it extremely slippery.

You can also book a night out at the infamous Coco Bongo.  The groups reviews on Coco Bongo went from one end of the spectrum to the other.  I personally did not have a good time.  I was squeezed in between what seemed thousand of humans.  It was standing room only on stadium like steps, no table available for your drinks, people bumping and falling on you, not enough servers to take drink orders but trying to get through the hundred people standing at the bar was useless.   Gosh forbid if you were on one of the first three stadium steps, the guys working continuously pull you out to dance on the bar and they wouldn’t take no for an answer.  The bar was so overcrowded that dancing was almost impossible and as more intoxication became visible, it was an accident waiting to happen.  The show was not bad if I had not been so uncomfortable the entire time.  All I could think of, was in case of a fire there were only two single doorways out for all these people.

All in all, everyone had a great time on the beach and by the end of our week,  We waited for our shuttle to the airport with tanned, happy faces!

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