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List of Must See At Yosemite National Park

List of “Must See” At Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is my favorite park out of all the national parks.  Maybe I’m bias since I grew up in California.  I first visited the Yosemite Valley as a youngster with my parents.  My sister and I couldn’t wait to play in the clear waters of the Merced River that flows through Yosemite. My dad would blow up our cheap vinyl rafts and off we would go only to have them tear on a rock a couple of minutes into our rafting fun.  That didn’t dampen our excitement and exploration. We looked for tadpoles, salamanders, fish and even gold through the rocks.  I now live on the East Coast and haven’t been back to Yosemite for several years.  I must return to finish the hike to the top of Yosemite Falls.  The day I attempted the hike, I had my three-year-old in a child carrier on my back and had been up all night from a gallbladder attack.  I had to give up the hike half way up; the dehydration finally caught up to me.  My plans are to hit Yosemite National Park next year.

Yosemite Valley

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Yosemite Falls-The highest waterfall in the United States.  The Upper Yosemite Falls Trail is 7.2 Yosemite Fallsround trip.  It’s also one of the first created trails in Yosemite.  It was created in 1870’s.  At 2,424 feet high, Yosemite is among the top six largest in the world.  Lower Yosemite Falls Trail is about 2-mile round-trip.  You climb about 1000 feet with awesome views of Upper Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley, and the Merced River.

Half Dome-Half Dome rises about 4,737 feet above the valley floor 8,800 above sea level.  It is a dome of granite.  For those that lack fear of heights, you can climb up to the top with the use of cables. Two metal cables allow hikers to reach the summit. The cables go up around Memorial Day Half DomeWeekend and come back down the day after Columbus Day.  The hike is a challenging one at about 15 miles round trip.  It takes most people 10-12 hours to complete the hike.  It is suggested to wear comfortable clothing, hiking shoes that have been broken in and carry adequate water (about a gallon if you’re hiking to the summit).  The summit offers spectacular views of the entire valley and the High Sierra.  Don’t attempt the hike if weather conditions are questionable.

El Capitan-El Capitan is a vertical formation of granite towering 3,000 feet over the valley.  It is the world’s largest solid granite block. It was once considered impossible to climb but no more.  With that I must add, there are several rescues performed by the park rangers.  The best view is Inspiration Point by foot or the tunnel view from the car along route 41.  The view is spectacular.

Sentinel Dome Trail- The hike is about 2.2 round-trip.  It takes most people about 1-2 to complete. It has magnificent views of El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley, Nevada Falls and Half Dome.  It makes for great panoramic pictures.  While there, pay a visit to the famous dead tree, a Jeffrey pine on the summit.  This dead tree became famous when it appeared in a photograph by Ansel Adams in 1940.  The tree died from a drought in 1977.  It is estimated that the tree is the same age as Shakespeare.

Mirror Lake Trail- This trail is an easy 2.5-mile round-trip hike.  There is also the longer full loop if Mirror LakeYosimiteyou so desire.  In early spring, the lake is its fullest. It does dry out often.  When the waters are calm you will get a beautiful reflection of Half dome and other peaks on the lake.


Bridalveil Fall Trail- It’s only a quarter mile walk to the base of this magnificent waterfall. Yosemite Standing at the bottom of the fall allows you to feel the power of it through the winds it produces.  The fall is 617 feet high.  Legend has it that if one inhales the midst of the waterfall the chances of getting married are improved, hence, the name.

Glacier Point- This offers one of Yosemite’s best views.  The overlook, at 7,214 feet high offers a panoramic view of Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley, glacial troughs of the High Sierra, Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall.  It is one of the most photographed views.  Washburn Point just south of Glacier Point also offer excellent views with more direct views of Nevada Fall and Vernal Fall.

YosemiteMariposa Grove and Tuolumne Grove- This is where you will find the Giant Sequoias.  There is a grove of about 500 trees all over 3,000 years old.  There are three loops to choose from that range from 1.5 to 7 miles round-trip.  If you want to reach the famous California Tunnel Tree take the Wawona Point Loop which is about five miles.  The grove is closed and under restoration until Spring 2017.

Tioga Road- If you’re not up to hiking, the most popular drive is Tioga Road stretching 48 miles and peaking at 9,945 feet. The scenery is beautiful as you cruise through meadows, granite peaks, clear water creeks and wildlife.Curry Village

Curry Village-Offers food, gifts, small market, showers for campers and just a place to get together and share your day with others over a beer or ice cream.

YosemitePhotographers find themselves in heaven.  The park offers photography tours.  Yosemite is breathtaking and offers something for everyone.  We want it to provide the same awe experiences for generations to come.  Please take with you memories and photos and leave only footprints behind.  Thank you.


Happy Travels

For more information on the following tours call 1-866-810-8913 or email

Digital Photography Class in Yosemite Valley- 95.00

Learn to capture some of the West’s most inspiring landscapes on a half-day Yosemite field photography tour. Explore some of the most magnificent vistas in the park with a professional photographer guide, while getting pointers on digital camera technology and technique including aperture, exposure, composition and lighting.

Private Yosemite and Glacier Point Experience- 199.00

Enjoy a luxurious 9-hour private experience of Yosemite with the opportunity to tour at your own pace and schedule. You’ll also have the option between an early-bird tour with less traffic and cooler temperatures, the standard day tour or to start your tour in the afternoon and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Glacier Point sunset. Highlights include all the iconic sites of Yosemite Valley, including waterfalls and famous rock formations. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel or an airport or train/bus station. This tour also includes lunch at The Historic Ahwahnee Hotel except on Sunday.

Yosemite Yoga Hike- 75.00

This unique, unforgettable yoga hike is perfect for all skill and experience levels, even beginners. On this excursion you’ll explore your inner peace while experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Yosemite. It’s your choice between an easy or moderate hike to a peaceful lake to learn about the history of Vinyasa Flow before settling onto your mat for an enriching session with a master yoga instructor. Fluid poses and gentle breathing techniques are the focus of this yoga practice; you’ll be especially inspired in the incredible surroundings.

Family Hike in Yosemite- 75.00

Experience the monumental scenery of Yosemite on a guided, half-day hike designed especially for families. Choose from a beginning or moderate hike to suit your family’s experience level, and embark on a series of trails that wind through the famous natural attractions of either Yosemite Valley or the High Country. Enjoy spectacular views of one of America’s favorite national parks, and stop for a scenic picnic near a stream, lake or meadow.

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