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Five Things To Do In New York In December

 New York In December

My favorite thing to do in the winter is spending a December day in New York.  This has now become one of my winter traditions.  I love New YorkNYC anytime of year but it’s extra special during the holidays.  It develops a whole life of its own and shines out engulfing everyone that wants to experience the holiday cheer.  I either drive in or take a tour bus into Manhattan.  If I drive I park in the first parking lot on the right as soon as you exit the Lincoln Tunnel.  This is a perfect spot for those that don’t want to drive the hectic city traffic.  The parking is centralized to everything.  There are a few things that I do every year and others that I interchange with new experiences.  Of course my favorite is visiting the Rockefeller Tree.   You can’t help but just stare

at its massiveness and beauty.  I enjoy visiting during the day as much as at night.  If you only have one chance to see the magnificent tree, then it should be at night when it is all lit up.  Below the Rockefeller Tree is the infamous skating rink that you see in many movies.  Watching over the skaters is the Greek legend Titan Prometheus who brought fire to mankind, gilded cast bronze sculpture, towering 18-foot-tall and weighing eight-ton.  The statue was created by Paul Manship in 1934 and is the most photographed statue in all of New York.  Across the street from the tree St Patrick's Cathedralyou’ll want to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It been part of the New York scenery for more than 130 years. It now serves about five and a half million visitors each year as a house of prayer.  Its beautiful architecture will catch your eye standing out among the tall modern skyscrapers which imprison it.  Each year I begin my walk Macy’s Department Store and continue on 5th Avenue passed Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Central Park.  A must do in New York over the holidays is taking a horse pulled carriage ride through Central Park.  There is nothing that shouts out more holiday cheer, spirit, ambience, winter romance than this.  This year I changed it up and ended the day at Macy’s Department Store and what a pleasant surprise it was. I had never seen the window displays all lit up at night until this year. I along with every other adult there stood in total awe feeling as if we

were children excited by Christmas and the possibility of magic in the air.  It was an amazing sight. The pictures do not do them justice. I went in looking for Santa Clause but found a line that twirled and twirled for what seemed like miles. Santa was behind walls and couldn’t be seen by Macy's original escalatorthe passerby. So if you have any special request that you need to share with Santa, you probably won’t want to leave it for last. Santa was located in the original part of the building which is still operating the original wooden escalators.  I wondered how many famous people have ridden those same escalators standing on the same exact step I was on since 1902.  My new addition to this holiday tradition was visiting Bryant Park. What an amazing place!  There are hundreds of booths set up with the most eclectic shops and foods. There was a full bar set up in the center of it all and a beautiful Christmas Tree that could could compete with

the best of them. For those wanting to add a little more fun, exercise, and holiday cheer, Bryant Park boasts a large outdoor ice skating rink from r everyone. This is where you will want to shop for theat person that has everything.

Another must do is sitting back with hot cocoa and watching the famous Rockets Spectacular Christmas Show.  Everyone should experience this show live in New York at least once in their lives.  The performance is everything it’s cracked up to be. The Rockets are amazing dancers. If you’re taking your children, I would recommend waiting until they’re old enough to understand and appreciate the performance.

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YK • January 2, 2017

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