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Things To Do On Grand Bahama Island

Things To Do On Grand Bahama Island I recently went to Grand Bahama Island with the travel group I belong to.  As soon as my nose led me out of the plane, I was hit by a wall of heat and humidity.  I would suggest that if don’t like intense heat and humidity, don’t go…

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YACHT CRUISING Everyone is different and therefore have different ideas of a perfect vacation. A portion of the population love cruise ship vacations; with the twirling waterslides, zip lining, obstacle courses, climbing walls, etc.  Others cringe at the thought of a vacation on a cruise ship.  They envision large crowds and lots of noise.  Big…

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Christmas Luxury Cruises In Europe

  Every year, eager travelers journey to Europe to experience the yuletide season at its very best. With the glittering backdrop of winter white hilltops, twinkling lights and extravagantly decorated cities, it’s almost impossible to not get swept up in the enchantment and wonder that’s in the air. And let’s not forget about the most…

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