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Cape May, PA In December

 Why Cape May In December? Who goes to the beach in the middle of December?  It was my first question.  My second question was, “What do you do at the beach in the middle of winter?”  The travel group rented a couple of houses for a long weekend in December.  The homes were very nice,…

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Quintana Roo, Mexico

DREAMS PUERTO ADVENTURAS Quitana Roo, Mexico The group was all excited and ready to start our new adventure in Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Our group was made up of avid travelers most have traveled together before ending up travel buddies and a few new travelers joined in for this trip.  By the end of the trip…

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All-Inclusive Resorts

THE NEW HOTEL RIU REPUBLICA OPENING SUMMER 2016 This brand new 5-Star Hotel Riu Republica just opened on the shores of Arena Gorda beach in Punta Cana welcomes you to the exclusive Adults Only complex (18+), where you can enjoy your dream vacation with All-Inclusive 24 hour a day service, as well as the best…

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Margarittaville, Hollywood, Florida

At the airport with happy faces waiting to board our plane.  It’s that time when the snow and cold seems that it’s never going to leave.  A trip to Florida with our flip flops is what the doctor orders! Excited to be on our flight to Florida.  Although we flew on Spirit and came to…

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Small Group Tours

Two of our favorite small group travel companies are Intrepid Travel and G Adventure. They have perfected giving you the most amazing adventure. You will not only visit these places, but you will get up close and personal with the cultures. Traveling in small groups enhances your travel experience by building a camaraderie. Many lifetime friends are…

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